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I’m Engaged, Y’all!

I’m engaged, I’m engaged, and I don’t care who knows it! (Elf reference, anyone?) As any newly engaged girl would be, I am on cloud nine and still in shock. I debated on whether or not I should tell the story on here since I never really post anything related to my personal life, but I decided the story was just too good not to tell! :) So here it is:

     This past saturday was our six month anniversary and my amazing boyfriend (now fiancé!) had the wonderful idea of recreating our first date, which was a picnic at Arrington Vineyards during Music in the Vines. I absolutely love picnics and cute things like recreating first dates, so I was super excited! Even the same band from our first date was booked to play again!
     This was one of the first saturdays they were back open for Music in the Vines so it was pretty packed, unlike our first date. We finally found an open picnic table at the top of a hill, right in the middle of what looked like a wedding party cleaning up (ironically). We really were recreating our first date step-by-step starting with a picnic, then walking a bit up to a tree swing to sit together and talk, etc. After talking for awhile, he left for a minute to “go to the restroom” in the wine tasting/restaurant building just a little down the hill.
     I wanted to stay and hang out on the tree swing to enjoy the view because I knew the line would be long (just like our first date). Little did I know, he was actually leaving to call a friend who was supposed to be there to photograph the proposal! 
     Not long after that, we took the long trek downhill to the parking area to put all the picnic stuff away so we could walk around and listen to the band. On the way back, he mentioned wanting to take a photo in front of the big “Arrington Vineyards” barrel sign.
     When we got to the sign there was couple having their picture taken, so we had to wait a little bit. Once they were finished, they offered to take our photo so he handed them his iPhone as I figured out a place for us to stand.
     I was still getting situated when I looked up and saw the girl was taking photos with her camera instead of his phone, so I just kept fixing my hair and such. From there, here’s how everything went:

Boyfriend: *nudging me* “Hey, she’s taking pictures. Look up.”
Me: “No she’s using her camera, see? She’s probably still taking pictures of scenery.”
Boyfriend: *looking down at me smiling* “I love you, and you’re my favorite…”
Me: *I thought he was just talking to me while we waited for her to finish, so before he finished I replied saying: “I love you, too!”
Boyfriend: *Getting down on one knee & pulling out a ring* “Will you marry me?”
Me: A huge gasp, jumping back, crying, saying yes, etc. I was in total shock!
And of course, a ton of hugging and kissing and “I love you” afterwards.

     I LOVE my ring! I didn’t want a diamond or a typical shape/cut. I love Morganite because it’s naturally that blush pink color and that’s what he got me! In the photo it looks peach colored, but it’s more of a blush pink.
     It turns out the girl taking photos wasn’t the girl he had asked to be there (she was running late) but it worked out perfectly because they were there and had cameras and since I didn’t know them, I didn’t expect it at all!

     The rest of the date was full of photos, listening to the band and getting messages from our friends and family. Everything was perfect!
     Are you recently engaged? Tell your story in the submit section and I might post it as a feature!

       -Southern Wedding Style

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